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Trying to figure out how to feel better (or at least less shitty)

all I have come up with so far is eating popcorn.  Internet and playing games didn’t help.  I keep thinking about tomorrow and what will happen to piss me off.

Hello September!

Ugh I guess (I have a bad feeling about September)

My treat to myself after a horrid week at work

My treat to myself after a horrid week at work

Worked today and I feel like I’m teetering on the edge

between stressed and not giving a fuck.  

It is a split between my desire to stay calm and my desire to do well.  Because to stay calm, I don’t overwork but by not overworking, I feel like I’m faltering.  I feel like I’m failing.

I don’t know which side will win but right now it’s myself and making myself happy and comfortable.

Fuck everyone else.

Too much thinking

Got home and started to think about work and now I feel wound up.

I feel like there’s things that I should have done or should do but the feeling is like - DO IT RIGHT NOW!  

But then….I don’t want to.  I deal with enough of that bullshit during the work week.  Let me have my fucking Saturday! 

(I’ll be working tomorrow - yay me and no Sunday)

This is the first step in my journey to get an MBA.

This is the first step in my journey to get an MBA.

Oh why must you go away

This weekend was really nice (but short) and I realized it’d been a while since I had a weekend just for me.

I left the house to get groceries and that’s it. I rediscovered the pure ecstasy that’s is lying on a bed of best linens and just cuddling with my pillows.

I wish I could have more days like this. It is definitely what I needed.

I always fail at the concept of fashionably late

I just arrived at a get together - 30 mins late and still the first one.